June 9, 2013

So Many Questions

Preparing for a mission is a lot harder than I thought it would be. There are so many questions that I have and not as many ways as I had hoped to get answers. Some of those questions I have include...

- What is the best way to begin learning Portuguese?
- Am I allowed to wear sandals in my area of Brazil (because I have heard that some areas can)?
- Should I bring CDs or am I allowed to bring an iPod for listening to music?
- Are the policies of my mission going to change when we get a new mission president in July?
- What are the differences between the Brazil CMT and the Provo MTC?
- Are there certain things that I should bring with me to Brazil that I won't be able to buy there?
- Which styles of clothing should be avoided so that I can fit in better with certain aspects of Brazilian culture?
- Am I going to be able to drink the water down there? Should I bring a water bottle with a built in filter?
- What kind of bag does my mission allow? Backpacks? Shoulder bags?
- What exactly constitutes the 12-18 lbs of church material that I am going to receive when I arrive?
- Should I bring some extra money in case of emergencies?

Random questions like these keep bombarding me as I prepare to go to Brazil. If you have any insights feel free to comment and share your wisdom.

-(The Future) Sister Phelps

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