October 24, 2013

Week 11 (21 October 2013)

Oi familia!  Como voces etao!?
Esta semana foi muito boa, e estou muito animada para meu primero batismo Sabado que vem!

Hey family! How are y'all!?
This week was very good, and I am very excited for my first baptism this Saturday!  Our investigator is wonderful!  After only having a Book of Mormon for nine or so days she has the strongest testimony of its truthfulness!  I am so excited for her!  Sister C~ and I are going to sing an EFY song in Portuguese for her baptism (if we find time to practice) and I am stoked!

It has been a pretty hard week because summer arrived (for a few days).  Right now it is raining cats and dogs, but I am sure the sun will be back in full force in no time.  I already have quite the tan line from my watch and my sandals, it is pretty sweet, my hair is also noticeably lighter which I don't mind.  So other than having a very hot sun shining down on us and huge hills to hike below us, all of our awesome pesquisadores moram muito longe de nossa casa.  (Live very far from our house).  But it is all good.  The harder the work, the more blessings we get, right?

We have a couple who I love dearly that sincerely want to be baptized.  It is not easy to change your entire life for the church, to come unto Christ, but they know that it is worth it!  How cool is that!?

This week we painted a house, it won't let me upload the picture, but I will try and mail it eventually.  It was the house of one of our investigators, T~.  We showed up to teach her a lesson, but she was painting so we borrowed some old t-shirts from her and painted in our skirts.  It was a lot of fun and I have the paint on my skirt to prove it.  Haha.

It was Sister C~'s birthday this week so we went to an all you can eat pizzeria with a recent convert and the other Sisters that we live with.  All I am going to say is that I ate my money's worth.  The pizza here is SO GOOD! I like it more than American pizza. . . (there isn't red sauce, they mix it up more.)

We had our first English class and it was a success.  Three kids from one of the families we teach showed up and were ready to learn.  I am excited to teach this Saturday too!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Amo voces!
-Sister Phelps

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