October 9, 2013

Week 9 (7 October 2013)

This weekend was amazing!!  I love General Conference so much and am so motivated to get this missionary work rolling faster and faster, as everyone should be!  One saying that three different speakers in conference used has really helped me in the past few weeks to get through the mission, and as Elder Holland said in his talk last General Conference (April 2013) that this saying helped President Hinckley through his mission as well is "Be not afraid, only believe."  How powerful.  This saying can apply to any aspect of our lives and in each minute of our lives because we all struggle with something.  Everyday my testimony is tried and often doubts form in my mind about aspects of the Gospel, or of my ability to do this divine work that I have been called to do here in Brazil.  Each time I remember these things. . . "Be not afraid, only believe," I have a loving Heavenly Father who is eagerly waiting my return and is watching over me every second of everyday, and I have been given the power to do this work and have been set apart by the power of God on the earth today, the Priesthood. 

Each of us is here on earth for a reason, we have already chosen to follow the plan of salvation and knew, even before we were born, that this life would not be easy.  But in order to become like our loving Father in Heaven it had to be done.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and I believe that the Lord will bless me with the gift of tongues more abundantly if I erase my doubts and only believe. 

One other quote that I love from conference was from President Uchtdorf.  He said, "Please brothers and sisters, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."  I know this church is true.  We have been blessed with a knowledge of the gospel where so many of our brothers and sister have not.  SHARE IT WITH THEM!  You can do it! It is never going to be easy, but will be worth it!

This week was interesting.  Many of our investigators have been struggling to understand the concept of apostasy and the need for a restoration.  Many of our appointments have fallen through, and my companion had the flu on Friday, but all is well.  We were able to come to Cruz Alta (about 45 minutes from Panambi) to watch conference, and luckily they had it in English for the Americans.  Our little branch rented a bus on Sunday and came to join us in Cruz Alta.  Not many were able to come, but those who came were truly strengthened.  That is one thing I took for granted growing up where the church is more prevalent.  We have three young women, zero young men, and two primary children, but the work is moving forward. 

So. . . I thought that being on a mission would help me get better at being on time to things, but as Sister C~ and I sprint to the bus stop (every time) and barely make it I am forced to rethink things.  Haha.  Sister C~ is hilarious and I hope that as I get better at speaking Portuguese that we can become better friends.  It truly is a miracle that I can understand so much Portuguese for the short time I have been out.  And actually today marks 2 months in the mission.  CRAZY huh!?

I am loving it though! 

I love you so much!  Have a great week!

-Sister Phelps

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