March 3, 2014

Week 29 (3 March 2014)

This week was rough.  Almost every single plan fell through, but the Lord used it to His advantage and we met some really great, new investigators.

Segunda- It was a normal p-day for the most part, but around 4pm I started to not feel so great.  Being sick on the mission is no fun.  Luckily after a good night's sleep and a lot of praying the stomach pain had gone away when I woke up.

Terca- Like I said, everything fell through.  We ended up knocking on thousand of doors (more or less).  We marked a few return appointments, but for the most part no one was in the mood to talk to two awesomely fantastic humble missionaries today.  Hehe.  But really, it was a bummer to say the least.

Quarta- MIRACLES!   I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost.  We found a family that is truly perfect!  J~ and J~C~.  They have a little girl named S~.  About a week ago we contacted J~C~ on the stairs of his apartment complex.  He had come down to get the mail and said that it was truly a miracle that we had found him down, out of the apartment at that time of day because he was usually working, or something like that.  So after everything fell through AGAIN today we decided to pass by his house and see if he was home.  We rang the little apartment door bell and his wife let us in right away.  She is perfect and has even met the bishop and his wife.  When we were about to start the lesson she told us to wait and called her husband to see when he would get home from work.  He came home right away when she told him that we were there.  It was the perfect lesson.  We talked about eternal families and J~ cried.  They have been looking for a religion and have even traveled the world studying other churches.  (J~C~ loves Greek Mythology!!)  They want to go to church.  Unfortunately they are on vacation right now, but they have SO MUCH POTENTIAL!  Pray for them please.

Quinta- We were lost trying to find a street that is an hour from our house, yes, walking.  We were lost for about two hours and finally... finally, after asking at least ten people for directions (because we forgot the map at home) found the street.  Found some old investigators and even challenged one woman to be baptized and she accepted.  She understood everything that we explained about authority.  It was amazing!  That is the hardest part for most people to understand about baptism.  The rest of the week was good.  Unfortunately I will be losing sister M~, but will get a new Chileana.  I am also going to lost Sister G~.  We have lived together since I got it he field and have become such good friends.  I am going to miss her so much!

Love y'all!
-Sister Phelps

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