February 26, 2014

Week 28 (24 February 2014)

Como se diz... everything fell through. haha.  This week was rough, but it's all good.

Segunda- We split Camobi last week with the other dupla in our area which has been a blessing. (Smaller area means less walking).  We ended-up teaching one of our star investigators name J~ and his wife M~.  He is wonderful and is searching for the truth.  He has already read the Book of Mormon and believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but he is waiting for an answer from God.  he usually has dreams when he receives answers so it has been hard to help him realize that the Lord answers our prayers through other ways as well.  He is great and I have high hopes that he will get baptized in March!

Terca- Sister M~ was really sick today.  We ended up walking to the hospital so that she could do some tests.  It's nothing severe, don't worry.  It is such a blessing that our bishop and his wife are doctors.  :)

Quarta- We went to the most dangerous part of Camobi today (well we are there almost everyday) and we had two really important lessons planned.  We had collaborated with an irmao of the church to meet us there, but is was already 20 minutes after the time that we had planned and he wasn't there yet.  We started to get really nervous because everyone here tells us that we should not go to that neighborhood (ghetto) late at night, but it is the only time that our pesquisadores are at home.  As we began to walk to another investigator because we couldn't enter that neighborhoods alone, a member appeared out of nowhere and we were able to teach both of the families and have some great spiritual experiences.

Quinta- We taught R~ today.  She is 19 and super cool.  Her house is really nice and organized.  As we taught her I could feel the spirit so strongly and so could she.  It was awesome!  The spirit is more likely to manifest itself when we are in a calm, quiet, clean, organized environment.

Sexta- One of our investigators (V~), who is an energetic old lady, was almost baptized last year and we found her through the Area Book.  She is very silly, and likes to get off topic during our lessons.  We decided to take control of the lessons and we spoke with more authority and used pictures while we were teaching and the lesson went perfectly and she retained nearly everything that we taught her.  She is also having some health problems so we brought an irmao to her house that night because she wanted a blessing.  It was wonderful to see her feel the spirit and see her faith in the blessing that she received.

Sabado- So, one of the converts of Sister M~ and Sister F~ (I took her place here) had her first talk in sacrament meeting this week and wanted to read us her talk.  It was PERFECT.  It is amazing to see that she is truly converted to the gospel and is trying to understand every aspect of the church.  That is what the mission is all about!

Domingo- The talk was great and so was gospel principles.  Love that class. After church we had been invited for "coffee" at a less-active member's house.  It ended up being her 90 year old mother and aunt there waiting for us with coffee.  Yeah, awkward.  Luckily we got around it and said that we love strawberry tea, so she made us some of that instead.  (only black tea is against the word of wisdom here.)  It was so cute seeing these two 90 year old sisters interact, hehe.  You really don't need TV on the mission.

I love you all and pray for you always.

Amo, amo, amo voces!
-Sister Phelps

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