February 11, 2014

Week 25 (3 February 2014)

So, I LOVE CAMOBI!  Everyone in the mission talks about how perfect this area is because it truly is awesome!  The members are all practically full-time missionaries and I have learned so much from them.

Segunda- Sister G~ and I defrosted the freezer.  It took HOURS and I have some sweet pictures to send y'all.  The mission is really practice for the rest of your life.  Love it.

Terca- Our investigator who was closest to baptism tried to cut us today (not have us visit her anymore).  It was super sad, but in the end she said that we could still go and visit her every once and a while (for us that means that nothing has changed... haha.)  She is an older woman whose husband is very Catholic and she is torn between being baptized and sticking with her husband as a Catholic.  As missionaries our plan is to baptized both of them, but we'll see what happens.  :)

Quarta- We ate lunch with a Sister in the ward who is wonderful.  I want to be her when I grow-up.  She served a mission, got married in the temple, and is about to have their first baby.  She was showing us all of the pictures from her mission and it helped me remember why I am here and how many people are waiting to hear about the Gospel.  She and her husband are both the only members in their families.  Aww, I love them.

Quinta- We spent nearly three hours at the house of a woman who has been inactive for many years because of gossip in the ward.  It is so sad, she said that she knows the church is true and that she is trying to teach her kids about Jesus and the Gospel, but she will not go to church.  It breaks my heart to know that there are probably tons of members who are in her same boat, who love the church, but don't feel comfortable.  We are going to keep working with her, but situations like this are complicated.

Sexta- We were trying to find an old investigator in the Area Book and ended up teaching their neighbor instead.  He is an old man who knows so much about the Bible and had super awesome questions and insights. (Unfortunately I am not a pro, yet, when it comes to the Bible, but I'm working on it.)  At one point I know that I needed to testify and bring the Spirit to our lesson because he kept going off on random tangents.  As clearly and quickly as possible I taught the entire first lesson and have never felt the Spirit so strongly while I was teaching as I did at that moment.  The gift of tongues is real, the Holy Ghost will always help us, and all we have to do is be worthy to receive it and then follow the promptings that he gives.

Sabado- This week I had a really cool experience.  My companion and I had walked 45 minutes to an appointment with some old investigators.  After walking in the hot sun with sunscreen dripping into my eyes and my feet burning up (all this while fasting) they weren't home.  But, as all good missionaries we had back up plans... that all fell through too.  So we sat down on a bench on the side of the road and brainstormed about the rest of our day.  As we sat there I turned around and saw a woman sitting at a bench a few feet away from us.  As we got up to leave I had one of the strongest impressions that I have ever had telling me that we needed to talk to her.  Right as I had that thought Sister M~ said, "Onde nossos eleitos estao?" (which means, where are the elect that we are supposed to baptize?)  I knew in that instant that we were standing a few feet away from one.  I told Sister M~ about how I was feeling and we walked over there.  "Tudo bem," I said and as usual she replied, "tudo bem," but then went on to say, no, everything is not alright, and told us all her problems with family, work, etc.  She then told us that there had been other sisters visiting her at one point and we got her address and invited her to church.  I KNOW that God put A~ in our path and I'm sure that she felt a though her prayers for comfort had been answered.  It was great.  This is what the mission is all about.

Domingo- We didn't have any investigators in sacrament meeting which is always a bummer, but our meeting with the ward mission leader went really well and we planned some awesome activities (we will have a missionary related activity every month).  I love being in a ward. :)

Overall it was a good week.  I am so happy to be out in the field e eu vou fazer 6 meses de missao esta semana! (I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to say that in English)... sorry.

Te amo!
-Sister Phelps
The fridge adventure...

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