February 11, 2014

Week 24 (27 January 2014)

I have not learned to love flies or cockroaches, but I have not seen any cockroaches in my new apartment so our relationship is getting better.  Good thing that I am not afraid of critters (as long as they aren't on me) because Brasil is full of them.

Things in Camobi are going great!  I am loving Sister M~!  She is wonderful and we get along great.  It is a different feel that we have in our companionship because we are both learning from each other and it is less like I am the junior and she is the senior.  The ward here is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!  I feel like I am in the states again because we have a beautiful chapel, people have cars to pick up the less-actives and investigators, there is a Bishopric, and families of members who are willing to help us with anything and everything.  We have a few investigators that have great potential to be baptized this transfer and are praying constantly to find a family to baptize.  I know that it's possible and am excited to work here in Camobi!  We have an entire street of people who are inactive and are working with them as though they are investigators because most people who go inactive never were truly converted and need a push to read the Book of Mormon and pray to receive answers.  It is such a good feeling to see people discover the church, to see them receive answers and recognize the influence of the Spirit.

Segunda- It was just a normal p-day and I was able to get all of my bags packed by 11 (yes I had to stay-up past curfew. There was no other way).  It was a miracle that I finished that early and was able to get some good rest.

Terca- Camobi, here I come!  We had a 3 hour bus ride and got here in time for lunch.  Lunch was wonderful and we were able to teach 5 lessons, one was an investigator (D~) who is progressing little by little, but I can already tell that it is going to be a struggle helping her understand the need for a restoration. That is usually the problem though.

Quarta- We are teaching an Aula de Ingles here as well (Sister G~ and I again.)  I just had a deja vu, that was weird.  Anyways, today two of our investigators came (M~ and M~) a mother and daughter.  M~ is 9 and LOVES English.  She is super smart and I am hoping that she will like the story of the restoration.

Quinta- We taught a man this afternoon who had been taught by five or six other pairs of missionaries, he is very old and it is very sad because half of his face doesn't move.  He said that many of his neighbors are scared to talk to him because of the way he looks, but he loves talking to the missionaries because they don't judge him.  He is super sweet and I hope that we can help him and his family join the church. :)

Sexta- So today we visited the mom (M~) who came to Aula de Ingles today.  As we walked in the door we know that we were in trouble because she had three or four books on religion open and marked on the table.  We sat down and before we could get a word out she began reading a part in one of the books about how Mormons can only be white people (and I was sitting next to a Chilean who is not white) and a ton of other misconceptions about the church.  As we explained it to her she began sharing her philosophies about reincarnation and oh man, a whole bunch of stuff.  We explained it as simply and quickly as possible and said a closing prayer.  Ai ai.  She gave us fresh grapes afterwards, but I was still in shock a little bit.  Neither of us remember what we said because we let the Spirit do the talking, but it was a good learning experience.

Sabado- We had ANOTHER Noite da Pizza and it went well.  Looks like I am going to be making pizza through out my entire mission... Good thing I like pizza.  Oh and today I tried making brownies and somehow I put cervada (it is a substitute for coffee that everyone in the church drinks here) in the brownies instead of cocoa powder.  They ended up tasting good, but it was super funny.

Domingo- I LOVE CAMOBI!  The ward is wonderful and i am excited to work here with these members who are so wiling to help!  It is going to be a good transfer!  We ran into a very special family that I will have to tell you about next week.

Amo voces! Ficar firmes!

-Sister Phelps

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