September 8, 2014

Week 56 (8 September 2014)

This week has been interesting. Time is FLYING by now, and I mean FLYING!! I cannot believe that it is SEPTEMBER and that I only have 4 1/2 months left on the mission! I can´t believe it! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Well I am still getting used to Santo Angelo, not sure why it is taking so long to get accustomed to how things work here. I love my Peruana and we get along great. It is super funny because on the mission the trainers are "moms" and Sister H~ always calls me "mãe," even in public. Last week we were printing photos after using the computers and she asked me a question and called me mom. Everyone in the store started looking at us weird... haha. I think she needs to break that habit.

We have some great people that we are teaching... BUT NO ONE WAS HOME THIS WEEK. I am not even exaggerating. ALL of our appointments fell through, but the Lord still blessed us lots. We are helping a less active member M~ come back to church. He wants to serve a mission and be sealed in the temple someday. He is being a member missionary. When we go to visit him, lots of times his friend G~ is over and this week we started teaching him. The lesson was perfect. He had read and understood the first page of the Plan of Salvation pamphlet that we left with him and we taught the rest of the Plan (with M~ helping A LOT in the lesson) and it was great. The spirit was there and I think it was the best lesson with members that I have already had on my mission. At the end we even invited him to be baptized and he accepted. It was wonderful! It was a dream lesson! :) BUT... the next day we went by to talk to M~ and he told us that we had scared away G~, sigh. This was not the first time that an invitation to baptism has scared an investigator. We are just going to have to talk with him a little this week until he understands better the importance of baptism and that it is nothing to be scared of. (Sorry about the typing, this keyboard is horrible...) 
[I corrected all of the spelling mistakes due to the keyboard. -her mom]

Well, I am loving the mission and trying to take advantage of the time I have left! Wahoo! 

Com amor,
Sister Phelps

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