October 13, 2014

Week 60 (6 October 2014)

Questions from General Conference... self-analysis

-Is there something in my life that could stop me from being able to receive personal revelation?
-When will I set my goal to memorize the Living Christ?
-Do I have a true desire to reach my full potential?
-Do we sometimes forget that we are on the Lord's side?
-Am I "filled with the spirit" after I take the sacrament?
-Do I imagine that the Savior is the one offering the trays of the bread and water to me in remembrance of His sacrifice?
-Am I satisfied with how I am using my agency?
-Do I help others feel comfortable and feel the spirit when they are in the chapel?
-How can I be more kind?
-Do I accept trials as a blessing?
-Do I repent daily?
-Do I use my blessings to help others avoid suffering?
-How do I sustain the prophet through my daily actions?
-Am I doing what I need to in order to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ personally?
-In what ways do I know the church is true?
-Am I one in purpose with the Godhead?
-Am I better able to understand peace because of my trials?
-Am I focused on the negative or the positive?
-Do I actively exercise faith in the atonement?
-Does peace emanate from inside my home?
-If I continue to live the way that I am will I be able to receive all of the blessings promised in my patriarchal blessing?
-What does the Lord want from me?
-Am I wasting time?
-Do I feel the spirit of Elijah in my life?
-Why would we separate ourselves from something that brings us peace and light?
-Do I respect the priesthood?
-Do my friends know about the gospel challenge to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true? (Moroni 10:3-5)
-Do my prayers reach the heavens?

I loved this last General Conference.  It made me think a lot about where I am on the path of discipleship.  What are things I could change and need to change in order to be a more powerful tool in my service to the Lord?  What is holding me back?

I know that God lives.  I know that He calls prophets in these latter-days to help us, His Children, prepare for the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.  This is His church and we are His servants.  I love being a missionary and being able to feel the Spirit and see others learn to recognize the power of prayer and personal revelation.  I love being able to speak Portugues and was able to watch conference in Portugues this time.  What a wonderful blessing that the work of the Lord is moving forward so quickly.  This is my testimony that I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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