September 23, 2013

Weeks 6-7 (23 September 2013)

I haven't written for two weeks, so this is going to be very summarized, sorry if I leave anything out.

My last week at the CTM was great and I felt ready to go into the field. (I laugh about that now...) So on Monday we had training all day and then Tuesday morning my district went our separate ways and off we went. We flew to Porto Alegre and then took a five hour bus ride to Santa Maria. We got to meet our President and Sister P~ and I felt instantly at home. I am where I am supposed to be right now and I love it here. We had in field training with the President and then were assigned companions. My companion is Sister C~. She is from Sao Paulo and is a perfect fit for me. We are so similar in our testimonies, our likes and dislikes, so it has been pretty easy to get along so far even with the language barrier.
Porto Alegre airport
We were assigned to labor in Panambi which is a city of 30,000 people and only ten active members. There are about 100 inactive members in our branch so we have the responsibility and privilege to try and strenthen our branch by reactivating members and finding new people to share the message of the restoration with. It surprised me at first how many people let us into their homes to share a message with them, but if there is one thing I have learned here it is that no matter what language you speak everyone understands the Spirit and a smile. If you have those two things with you you can accomplish anything. Sister C~ and I live with two other missionaries in a cute little apartment building. All of us are working in Panambi, which already shows you that the Lord wants his work to move forward here.
Panambi outside my window

Random things about Brazil: There is a stray dog on every corner, people listen to American music ALL THE TIME. I ran out of time, but send me your questions and I will answer them next week. I love you all so much! You are in my prayers.

Sister Phelps

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