May 12, 2014

Week 36 (21 April 2014)

This week was great! I am in Sao Borja serving in the Branch I~ with Sister L~ and loving it so far! We got to the area Terca-feira, were locked out of our house for a few hours, finally got in and it has been smooth sailing from there. We are THE FIRST SISTERS to ever serve in this branch so it is fun to see how everyone is reacting to our presence there. We have a fan club practically of 8 and 9 year old girls that run up to us when they see us and give us big hugs and best of all lots of Easter chocolate (that we shared with the Elders who serve with us in the ward because the girls forgot about them.) haha. We have two baptism that the Elders who had been working here before left us for next Saturday and are working with an 11 year old so that he can get baptized in May. I am really looking forward to working here and feel at home in this Branch! Wahoo!

Easter was great because the Elders, my companion, and I went around to the member´s houses and sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." They really liked it and I hope that they know how much we really love and appreciate them. Well, that´s the wrap for this week. Thanks for all of the prayers and remember that every Sunday should feel like Easter Sunday, with our thoughts turned to the Savior.
-Sister Phelps

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