May 12, 2014

Week 37 (28 April 2014)

Segunda- So we have been using the area book (that has all of the past investigators information) a lot this week since we are opening the area (starting fresh with two new missionaries). It has been an adventure so far trying to track people down, but we had some good lessons today and have two new investigators.

Terca- Again, we are focusing on the Area book and found two young women who had been receiving the lessons a few years ago and practically all of their family members are less-active. Wahoo! Let´s get to work and reactivate and baptize this family! :)

Quarta- My companion has been under the weather all week and I think I am picking up a little bit of the cold that she has, but we are trekking through it. We get to work in the same branch as the Zone Leaders and it is fun to see how the members treat us differently than them. For example, there is a young woman who is 18, and she told the elders that she had three friends with whom she had been sharing the gospel, but she was embarrassed to give the address to the Elders. (This was a few weeks before we got here). The first day that she was teaching with us we asked about her friend and she showed us straight to her friend´s house and we marked a return appointment right there and then. It was awesome. Elders are great, don´t get me wrong, but sometimes you just need SISTERS! :)

Quinta- [My companion] was super sick today so we ended-up staying home, but I started reading the Book of Mormon again (in English and Portuguese this time) and it was nice to have a day to really focus on re-energizing my spirit. We also planned-out well what we want to do this next week.

Sexta- So we were supposed to have a baptism today of two youth whose mom is less-active. Unfortunately [it has been postponed]. Luckily they still want to be baptized so we will have two baptisms next Saturday, but it was sad that they both fell through. 

Sabado- She hasn't gotten better yet and I´m pretty sure I have the flu, but it´s all good. Three of the four sisters in Sao Borja have the flu now, and I am one of them, but the Lord is just trying to teach us something, so it´s all good. We had the adult session of Stake Conference today and they talked a lot about not only the importance of baptizing, but reactivating less-actives too. It was a good reminder for the members. 

Domingo- Stake Conference was good and we got to talk a lot with Sister Parrela while waiting for President Parrela to finish interviews with the stake leaders. After that we ate lunch at the Stake President's house and then got out our list of less-actives and went to work. Literally there was no one at home. We hadn't had the chance to do weekly planning yet because of being sick and so we had the option to go home early and plan or stay in the street and try to find someone to teach. We didn't know what to do so we said a prayer asking for guidance and I felt like we should go home and plan. We took the bus (because our area is 40 minutes away from where we live, walking) and a woman sat next to me. We started talking and I ended-up teaching there the entire lesson of the Restoration and got her phone number. I know that if we had not gone home early I wouldn't have met M~.

I love this church and am so grateful to be a missionary!

Com muito amor,
Sister Phelps

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