May 12, 2014

Week 38 (5 May 2014)

Segunda- We had FHE [family home evening] with the family of the Relief Society president and a few other members with the purpose of helping a less active, unfortunately she didn't end-up coming.

Terca- We taught a woman today who had been taught by [another church] for a while and has so many doubts now about the Bible and gospel that she didn't have before. It is sad that all of the things that the [they] teach that is wrong can be corrected through revelation by latter-day prophets through correct interpretation of the Bible. Luckily she doesn't want to Bible bash, but really learn what is right.

Quarta- We found the name of a less active young man on one of our lists and went to try and visit him. When we got to his house his aunt, N~, answered the door and we ended-up teaching her a lesson (because he had moved). She is wonderful. The spirit was really strong during our lesson and she seems super interested in learning more about the gospel.

Quinta- It´s MAY! Yay! Best month ever! (for many reasons). My birthday, SKYPE, I will complete my half way mark in the mission, just lots of fun, exciting stuff! Today my companion and I started feeling sick again and we ended-up staying home trying to let our bodies rest and get to feeling better. So, we live in an old chapel that is right next to the new chapel. In the chapel they had a dance for youth conference and we could hear all of the music. It was fun to hear all of the tunes that I miss, but it made me miss being a youth... haha. 

Sexta- My companion has NO VOICE today. So what does that mean for her companion. I get to teach alone! Yay. (not really). I learned a lot today trying to teach alone, it's no wonder that each missionary has a companion.

Sabado- My companion still has no voice, so we took a young woman along with us today as my companion. She is 17 and teaches so well. I hope she serves a mission. We talked to two less-active [people] today and they both want to return to the church, but are worried about what people will say. It's sad when this is the case. No one should be embarrassed to go back to church no matter how much time they were away. :(

Domingo- It was raining cats and dogs, and unfortunately that means that we only had 30 people at church today. After church we ended-up finding two new golden investigators! One older woman who has already been taught by missionaries and been in the church and a young woman who is 11 and was practically asking to be baptized during our FHE at her neighbor's house. (And D~, the young woman, came to church without us or the members who live next door to her inviting her.) It was a great day. (Oh and Sister L~ still has no voice.)

Have a great week and remember that I am always praying for you family! I can´t wait until SUNDAY!

Te amo,
Sister Phelps

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