August 25, 2014

Week 49 (21 July 2014)

Remember C~?. Well we had been praying A LOT so that she would be able to go to Family Home Evening with us. It was a spiritual battle and we were just hoping that things would work out. We went to pick-up another young woman to go to FHE with us and right as we were leaving her house (5 minutes before the FHE would start) the phone rang. IT WAS C~! Her mom had let her go to FHE with us. Remember that part in The Best Two Years [a movie about missionaries] when they are praying and the phone rings, and it is the investigator. It was like that. And our reaction when I hung-up the phone was a huge hug with my companion like they did in The Best Two Years after Kyle asked to be baptized. It was a mega spiritual experience. The lesson was great because our 3 recent converts (all young women) gave the lesson on faith as part of their Personal Progress [a goal setting program for Young Women, ages 12-18]. Everyone cried. It was wonderful! SUPER WONDERFUL. I get chills just thinking about it. Unfortunately we still cannot teach C~ at her house, but she loves English so we will start teaching her English with some of the other youth to spark friendships so that if she has questions about the gospel she can talk to them.

One of the inactive members at R~, J~, and J~´s house began listening to our messages. It is a miracle because before he avoided us at all costs... :) Yay!

We were lost and didn't know what do on Saturday night so we knocked on a house because we really wanted to teach a lesson. An old woman (M~) came out of the house and let us in. We talked to her for a bit and then her neighbor arrived. We found out that her neighbor (who [name] is also M~) is less active and thinks that she wants to start going to church again and wants us to teach her daughter and her family. The Lord put them in our path. :)

Love you! Sorry it's not organized.
Sister Phelps

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