August 26, 2014

Week 50 (28 July 2014)

I didn't have any crazy stories this week, but I am FINALLY living with an American again. She was serving in Arizona for 7 months waiting for her visa and is from Georgia and her mom is Japanese. Needless to say that the Brazilians get confused when they find-out that she is American. It is super funny to see their reactions. The first day she was here I was trying to explain something to her in English and I realized that I have forgotten a lot of English words. I had to look in the dictionary to remember the word cabinet. It is super weird because I am to the point where I think in Portuguese and it is hard to flip the switch to English in my brain. And there is also a woman in our branch who is deaf so I am learning Brazilian Sign Language (Libras, which is way different than ASL) and my brain gets even more confused because sometimes I have to think in English to remember a sign and then think in Libras and Portuguese. After we talked to E~ yesterday (the deaf woman) I accidentally started talking to my companion in English. haha. You should have seen her face after I finished talking in English without realizing it. Poor girl. Her companion is crazy.

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