August 27, 2014

Week 53 (18 August 2014)

Well, lots of things have changed this week. New area, new companion, new languages, new adventures. Right now I am in Santo Ângelo with Sister H~ from Peru. I am finishing her training and teaching her Portuguese. Talk about stressful, but it´s all good.

So far I am liking Santo Angelo a lot. the people here are receptive and we already have a baptism for this weekend. Please keep L~ in your prayers. She was already on her way to baptism when I got here, but we are still teaching her the rest of the lessons and helping her progress even more in the gospel. She is always excited to learn! It was funny, we were filling out her baptismal sheet and guess what!? Her birthday is May 22! She got SUPER excited and gave me one of the biggest hugs I have ever received. Then she said that we could celebrate it together next year. A little bit later she realized that I would already be in the States and . . . let´s just say it was sad to see her reaction. But, she is wonderful, her daughter L~ is 15 and has already been a member for a while and is helping her mom through the process of conversion.

Well, I got to run. Thanks for everything!

Sister Phelps

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