November 4, 2013

Week 13 (4 November 2013)

Tender Mercies. . .

Segunda-feira (Monday):  During a really rough time today my companion and I were sitting in a little park about five minutes from our house and these three really beautiful white butterflies kept flying around us.  It is little things like that which help me remember that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and gave us such a beautiful world to live in.

Terca-feira (Tuesday):  One thing that I have learned on the mission is that when we need peace all we have to do is ask for it.  Say a little prayer in our minds with a sincere heart and God will give us all of the comfort we need.  He really does love us.

Quarta-feira (Wednesday):  We were able to meet a young man who is very different than most other people we meet here.  He is one of those people that I would have been afraid to share the gospel with before the mission, but my companion and I both felt like we should invite him to our English class.  We did and he loved it.  So, this tender mercy is that Heavenly Father can let us see His children the way that He sees them, with unlimited potential if we have love for everyone we meet.

Quinta-feira (Thursday):  Halloween.  I was pretty homesick today and wanted something American. . . so bad!  Next thing I know we walk past a restaurant that just started serving burgers this week!  How cool is that.  I ate the burger and it was good! Not quite the same as Wendy's or Red Robin, but it made me feel right at home.

Sexta-feira:  Every single appointment that we had today fell through, but we met two perfect investigators that really came out of nowhere into our path.  God is so good!  Every time we pray together, my companion and I pray that we will find those people who God has prepared for us, sometimes the answer is more obvious than others, but we will always receive blessings from our Father in Heaven.

Sabado (Saturday):  We were able to have a special meeting with the ward members today about how we can work hand in hand with the members in the Work of Salvation!  Some of the members were a bit hesitant when we had shared our ideas in the past, but today everyone was on board and their hearts were opened to our message and the importance of each member in this great work!

Domingo (Sunday):  We met a young man on the street a week ago and were finally able to meet with him and teach him.  Earlier today I was having a lot of doubts about my ability to speak Portuguese, but during our lesson with him he did not believe me that I was American and said that I had no accent at all.  How cool is that!  He really boosted my confidence with that little, maybe insignificant comment.

I love Brazil.  I love being a missionary and am so grateful for all of the support and prayers!

Com Amor,
Sister Phelps

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