November 25, 2013

Week 15 (18 November 2013)

One baptism down milhoes to go!

This last Friday (Nov 15) I had my first baptism of the mission.  His name is W~ and he is a great guy who has really gained a testimony and a love for the gospel.  He has a lot of friends in the ward, which has helped more than anything else in his conversion (after the Holy Ghost).  He received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was perfect.  The spirit was so strong in that sacrament meeting and I am so proud of Him.  Wahoo!

Tender mercies. . .

Segunda-feira:  We had just cleaned the entire apartment and were on our way to use the computers and go shopping when Sister G~ found 10 reals in the middle of the road and we all got super excited.  Next thing I know there are 2 reals right in front of me,  I pick it up, look around and boom see 20 reals in the grass next to us.  So we found 32 reals in the street on our p-day.  Sometime the miracles of the Lord are SO obvious and it just helps us remember that things happen that we don't even notice.  The Lord really will bless His poor, tired, hungry missionaries when they try to do their best.

Terca-feira:  I have started taking the reigns more in our lessons and it has been nerve wracking, but fun to practice teaching in different ways and using my vocabulary more.  I taught a lesson by myself today and it was so hard, but I know that the gift of tongues in real.  Today I didn't feel like I was speaking my best, but the people we were teaching were able to understand me.  So, God was blessing them with the gift of interpretation of tongues, luckily. :)

Quarta-feira:  We had a hard day and everything fell through including our last chance to meet with W~, our investigator who has his baptismal interview tomorrow.  We walked to his house, which is about 35 minutes away and he wasn't home, so we sat at the park outside his house and waited.  After about an hour and a half of waiting and a lot of praying he showed-up out of the blue and we were able to teach him and get home with one minute to spare before curfew.

Quinta-feira:  R~, our awesomely amazing investigator, called us tonight and bore his testimony over the phone about the power of the Book of Mormon.  Apparently he had been having a hard day, started to read, and his whole day turned around.  I love it when we get to hear the sincere testimonies of our investigators.

Sexta-feira:  WE HAD A BAPTISM!

Sabado:  I was in charge of teaching the English class this week and have been talking a lot to my companion about what I want to do with my life after my mission.  I still don't know, but one of our students (a recent convert) randomly said "you should be a teacher."  (He said it in Portuguese) but it really was an answer to prayer.

Domingo:  Yesterday we invited a man to come to church and didn't expect him to come, but he showed up and gave lots of good feed-back during Sunday School. :)

Sister Phelps

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