November 25, 2013

Week 16 (25 November 2013)

Tender mercies. . .

Segunda-feira-  We had a lesson for family home evening all planned out and then had the sudden feeling that we needed to watch a cheesy seminary video, so we picked one and watched it with the less active family we were visiting.  At the end of the video they all had such great comments about how the message touched them and how it was just what they needed to hear.  I love cheesy seminary videos. (It was the one about the armor of God).

Terca-feira-  There was a giant thunder storm tonight and we were twenty minutes from home when the worst of it hit, but we had to keep going in order to make it home in time for curfew.  We were almost home when the thunder and lightning started and it was really close.  As we huddled under our umbrellas and ran up the hill we were both praying so hard to make it safely home and we did.  Seriously, we could have died, it was a Texas worth thunderstorm.

Quarta-feira-  We found a couple today who acted like they were not interested at all in our message, but by the time we left and after we had lovingly answered all of their questions and doubts about the church, the husband told us that we were welcome in their home anytime.  The Lord really can change people hearts when the Spirit is present.

Quinta-feira-  We were about to go home about fifteen minutes when we decided to run by the house of a contact that was never home when we went by.  He was there!  And he and all of his family members, and extended family that was visiting were so open to our message and it was just perfect.

Sexta-feira-  I got sick along with Sister S~ with a little stomach bug, but it passed very quickly and we didn't have to miss out on much because it disappeared so fast.  Seriously.  Twas a miracle.

Sabado-  Our baptism fell through, but tudo bem.  She is still coming to church.  Sister C~ and I were a little down after that happened so we went home and watched "Finding Faith in Christ" and it brought up our spirits instantly.  Man, I love that movie.

Domingo-  We had 35 people in church today!  That is a tender mercy in itself.

-Sister Phelps

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