November 13, 2013

Week 14 (11 November 2013)

This week was pretty crazy, but good crazy for the most part.

Segunda-feira:  Today we had planned a family home evening in a members house and invited a family of non-members, but they never showed-up... but during the last five minutes of our lesson their daughter came and we were more than relieved.  I still don't know why this was such a blessing, but it changed our entire night.  I am grateful for those small things, thoughts, impressions, and actions of others that can change you entire day for the better.

Terca-feira: Some days my Portuguese is better than others and today was one of those days where I wake up from a dream in English, my companion says something to me in Portuguese that I have heard a millions times, but I just cannot understand what she is saying.  So that is how my day started, but we had Zone Conference today in Cruz Alta and miracles happened while we were there.  I started talking to some of the other missionaries and sometimes I didn't even realize I was speaking in Portuguese and I felt so comfortable.  Right now that isn't the case still, but the Lord truly will bless us with the words (in English or Portuguese) that we should say, but we have to be comfortable with ourselves.

Quarta-feira:  One of the recent converts in the branch gave us a reference so we went to talk to her at the shop she owns.  I had been carrying around a Book of Mormon and felt like I needed to put it back in my bag before we went into the shop.  As we introduced ourselves to her one of the first things she said was that she preached for her church and did work like us and one time someone read out of a book or scripture that wasn't the Bible and she didn't listen to anything that she said.  So we are going to start by talking around the restoration a little and getting her to realize that this church is true.

Sexta-feira:  J~'s mom is awesome.  We had this idea the morning before we were going to go talk to her and decided to read with her in Alma 56 : 45-48 about the mothers of the army of Helaman.  We went on to talk about the great importance of moms and how they can truly affect the life and righteousness of their children.

Sabado:  English class was great!  And afterward we were able to teach R~ about the Plan of Salvation and follow-up about how we asked him to pray to know if the Restoration was true.  He received his answer in a dream.  I have never received an answer like this, but God knows us personally and answers our prayers the way we need them to be answered.

Domingo:  We got 44 people to stake conference today in Cruz Alta!  It was a miracle.  With lots of fasting, prayer, and work we achieved our goal!!

I love you!
Sister Phelps

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