January 1, 2014

Week 20 & 21 (30 December 2013)

So... I am going to give you the tender mercies for the last 2 weeks because I didn't have time to email last week BECAUSE WE GOT SKYPE!!  Wahoo!

Segunda- I got a letter from the coolest Elder in Vegas!  It brightened my day so much because that dude can write and draw with such humor.  Miss that kid.

Terca- We went to Santa Maria today for our Conferencia de Natal.  It is starting to feel a little more like Christmas now.  It was nice to get out of Panambi for a little bit and to just have a change of scenery.  I love Panambi, don't get me wrong, but it is nice to have a break every now and then.  Sister G~ and I did a special musical number.  She can make this cool noise with her mouth (I can't explain it over email) and I "played the trumpet."  We got up there all serious and started "I Am a Child of God," the whole time trying not to join in the laughter that filled the cultural hall.  About half way through we gave in and were laughing so hard it hurt.  Then of course they wanted an encore so we did one last attempt and almost, almost made it all the way through.  Needless to say I love that girl.  It was a lot of fun. :)

Quarta- (I don't remember anything specific about today)...

Quinta- So Sister P~ and I were knocking on doors and almost everyone that we talked to were old people.  (There are so many old people in Panambi it is ridiculous).  We decided to knock on one more door because we saw a middle aged man in the house and wanted to talk to him.  As I started clapping my hands the door opened and who was standing there?  An old woman.  She let us in and made us juice, gave us cookies, and accepted our message.  Heavenly Father taught us a very important lesson that day... not all old people are too proud (or Catholic) to accept our message.  (This was not written to offend anyone who is "old."  Sorry.)

Sexta- We painted a house today!  Iwas a lot of fun and I just realized this morning (more than a week later) that I still have a drop of paint on my glasses.  Service is AWESOME!

Sabado- The other Sisters in Panambi had two baptisms today.  The first one was a middle aged woman who is the mom of a part-member family in our Branch.  The other was an 8 year old who is the daughter of a family who was recently reactivated.  So the person to baptize just got the Priesthood a few weeks ago and is one of the 4 worthy Priesthood holders in our Branch right now. 

Domingo- We ran into a family of 7 who had been baptized in another city and then a week later moved to Panambi.  After a year of living here the missionaries finally ran into them.  Hopefully we can baptize their kids and help reactivate them.  Wahoo!  A family of 7!

Segunda- We have the best District leader and Zone leaders EVER!  I love those guys!  They are spiritual powerhouses and I am so grateful for them!  (When we ask for chocolate they give it to us without a second thought...) hehe

Terca- Today being Christmas Eve and all, Sister P~ and I went to this cute little park that is all decorated for Christmas and made contacts and sang and sang and sang CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  I think one of the hardest parts for me this year was not having my family (of course) and not have Christmas music playing.  Luckily Sister G~ had two Christmas songs on her iPod, but we needed more variety for sure.

Quarta- CHRISTMAS!  CHRISTMAS!! NATAL!! Wahoo!  SKYPE WORKED!  It was truly a miracle.  Really.  A MIRACLE!  I loved talking to my family including my little bro in VEGAS!  Aww!  I love y'all.

Quinta- So we taught the Law of Chastity to a couple and right then and there he proposed to her.  It was SO CUTE!  I hope everything works out for them.  I love seeing people get excited about keeping the commandments.

Sexta-  We taught another family about the Law of Chastity today and there was a young man there who seemed concerned.  After we told them about this commandment he went in the other room (and we could still hear him), called his girlfriend and started telling her about the law of chastity.  It was so cute!

Domingo- WE GOT A NEW MEMBER IN THE WARD!  HE IS A PRIESTHOOD HOLDER!  AND A RETURN MISSIONARY!  PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!  Really though, I have never been so excited to have a new member before.  God blesses His missionaries.

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