January 21, 2014

Week 22 (13 January 2014)

This was a great week full of miracles (that I need to write in my journal). So much for New Year's resolutions... haha.  Anyways, I am so glad to be a missionary and that I have the opportunity to share the gospel with the people here in Panambi.  I will find out this Friday if I will be transferred and know that whatever happens it will be for the best.

So... tender mercies.

Segunda- Got my hair cut today.  I thought that getting my hair cut in a foreign country would be a traumatic experience, but it all turned-out okay.  I actually really like it.  My hair is just above my shoulders now when it is curly, which is great for the hot summer we are in the middle of right now.  I actually talked a lot with the woman who cut my hair and even got her address so that we could go and teach her.  Wahoo!  Experiences like that make me feel like I'm living in The District... oh wait.

Terca- I SURVIVED 5 MONTHS IN BRASIL!  I celebrated my 5 month mark today and cannot believe that it is already here.  This last transfer has flown by and I seriously have no idea where it went... wow.  5 months.  (To celebrate I made french toast because my companion is IN LOVE with it.)

Quarta- We taught a family today that I have been teaching since my second week in Panambi.  They haven't really been progressing lately, but we love them so much and want to keep teaching them so we did something new.  We all prayed at 10:30pm together (in different locations) so that their prayers and questions would not only be heard and answered, but that they could understand the response that they received.  It was a powerful moment for me and I think I will do this a lot more because of its power.  We also went to Cruz Alta today to start paperwork for V~ and J~'s wedding!  But... dun dun dun... they won't be able to get married until March... MARCH!  What is this!? I'm not angry because I know that some miracle will happen and it will all be okay.  But we got to hear them bear their testimonies and that was the best part of the trip.

Quinta- It was a busy day full of teaching and being chased by rabid dogs (I'm just kidding about the rabid dogs), but there were so many tiny miracles today I don't know where to begin.

Sexta- We went back to M~ and N~'s, and C~ RECOGNIZED HIS ANSWER!  He knows, without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true!  He is only 10, but he knows it.  Yay!  The rest of the family are still having some doubts, but we are working with them.  Aww, I love the people here!  Another miracle.  For about two hours today I thought I had the flu.  It was pretty bad, but after a quick shower, lots of praying, and a nap (authorized by my District Leader of course) I was better than new!  It was awesome!

Sabado- We had an activity tonight that was a great success!  Pizza Night!  Everyone likes free pizza!  And who like making pizza? This American. :)  I made 12 pizzas in 2 hours and it was great!  I have the recipe down and even had to translate it for all of the people in my branch who want it.  We had so many less-actives and investigators at the activity!  The Lord is looking-out for His missionaries in Panambi.

Domingo- We knocked on a house to contact a reference that we have been trying to contact for the last two weeks, and finally someone was home.  It was a mom (A~) and a daughter (C~).  They were wonderful during our lesson and had perfect answers and insights for everything.  At the end of the lesson C~ mentioned that she has visited our church.  As we talked to her more we found-out that she had not only visited our church and going to get baptized but her grandma forbid her (she was 9 at the time).  She still wants to be baptized!  Miracles!  Wahoo!

I love Panambi!  I love my companion!  I love the mission!  Thanks for all your support and prayers!

Te Amo!
-Sister Phelps

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