January 1, 2014

Week 19 (16 December 2013)

Tender Mercies:

Segunda- I had enough time to write seven or more letters, the only problem is that I already ran out of money for the week so I will have to send them next week.  (That means that they won't get there in time for Christmas...)  Sorry everyone.

Terca- My first companion switch in the field went well.  I am already missing Sister C~'s little quirks and our inside jokes, but I have a feeling that Sister P~ and I are going to have great success together.  We get along great and she wants to end her mission with a bang (she has one more transfer after this one.)  I am super duper excited for the next five weeks (or more) that I have with her!!

Quarta- Almost ALL of our plans for today fell through.  We were getting a little frustrated because I should know the area a little better than I do so we are both feeling kind of lost at this point.  As we began to walk home to grab a snack (the hills here take all of your energy in no time) we ran into a couple who Sister C~ and I had taught a while ago and were never able to find them home after that.  We were able to teach them and feel the Spirit so strongly in our lesson.

Quinta- We went over to a recent convert's house who decided that every Quart-Feira we get to make the menu for lunch, he will buy all of the fixings for the food and them we will make it at his house (because he is single and doesn't know how to cook.)  this week we made pizza, American style with Mindy and Craig's recipe.  Everyone loved it and they asked me to translate the recipe so that they can make it after I leave.  Pretty cool huh!?  We also made a white chocolate dessert pizza that was fantastic.

Sexta- We ran into an woman and the conversation was a little confrontational.  I let Sister P~ take over because I was a little confused and trying so hard not to laugh.  Personally, I think that before the mission I would have been crying after being confronted in this way, but I have such a strong testimony now, after being in the mission that God lets me just laugh it off a little.

Sabado- We got TWELVE referrals from a member today.  Let me tell you, that never happens!  It was such a blessing that we remembered to ask and that they trusted us enough to give us referrals to less-actives who they were close to and friends who we could visit.  It was a great blessing, but now we have to contact all of them... haha.

Domingo- We had no investigators show-up for church today... worst. feeling. ever.  But, tudo bem.  It just put a fire under us to work even harder and search-out those golden investigators that are being prepared to hear our message and will have a desire to come to church.  We found three.  THREE!  In one afternoon.  We had been looking for a referral that we had gotten from a member, but the member didn't know the exact address.  All they told us was that the person lived on C~ Street in a green house with brown shutters.  Guess how many green houses with shutters are on C~ Street...?  At least 20.  We knocked on three and found super awesome people who were placed in our path.  (We didn't end up finding the referral.)

I am so grateful to be here in Panambi sharing the Gospel and truly seeing how our loving Heavenly Father has been blessing my life every day, but also the lives of those who we visit, teach and love here in Brasil.  Like my dad told me a few weeks ago... "Servants of the Lord have the most fun."  :)  Ain't that the truth!

Te amo! Bejo!
-Sister Phelps

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