December 17, 2014

Week 64 (3 November 2014)

Sorry that it's been so long [since] I have written a real email about my week.  I will get better, I promise.

After H~'s baptism last weekend we have had nothing but success.  The Lord is blessing us a lot and even though it is getting SUPER HOT already.  We are working as hard as possible so that the Lord trusts us enough to put His elect in our path.

Segunda- Unfortunately we weren't able to work (spiritually) that much today, but we helped with our move and the Elder's move too.  I am positive that I gained a lot of muscle.  It was a lot of heavy lifting, but nothing I can't handle, right. :P

Terca- We finished moving (it took way longer than we wanted it to and we still have to clean EVERYTHING).  I'm excited ... not really.

Quarta- We were able to talk to H~ today and she is super happy to be a member of the church now.  Her family has already seen a difference in her attitude.  After our lesson we walked A LOT, and it was SUPER HOT.  Seriously.  We ate lots of popsicles and my tongue turned blue.  It was great!

Quinta- We taught J~ today.  Her son was baptized about a year ago and is preparing to serve a mission.  We went to talk to her not knowing much about her past and just got to know her like we usually do before we start to teach.  All of the sudden she started to ask us deep questions that we could tell she has had for a long time, about baptism, callings in the church, and all that jazz.  It was wonderful to see that she was so ready to learn more and she trusted in us so much.  We talked to M~, her son, after the lesson and he almost started to cry when he found out how it went.  I am positive that she will be baptized in November.

Sexta- We taught F~ and S~ and they are progressing a lot!

Sabado- It was raining all day, but we were able to contact a few people and taught a woman who we had contacted in the street on Wednesday.  We ran into her in the front of her house about an hour from where we had contacted her.  We taught A~ about baptism because she said that she hadn't been baptized yet.  It was a wonderful lesson.  She accepted baptism before Sister N~ finished the baptismal invitation.  It was GREAT!

Domingo- AP~ went to church.  It was great!  We taught J~ again and she told us that she wants to be baptized and we told her that her son would be able to baptize her.  She got so excited that she nearly cried.  It was a wonderful spirit there.

I love being a missionary!  Please keep my investigators in your prayers!

Com muito amor!
-Sister Phelps

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