December 17, 2014

Week 68 (1 December 2014)

This week was super hard.  ALL of our plans fell through.  I am not exaggerating.  EVERYTHING that we planned this week fell through.  It was a week of trials.  We worked and walked and walked and worked, but it didn't seem like anything was coming from it.  Hopefully we will see the blessings that will come from our diligence and obedience this week.  The Lord knows what he's doing.  Luckily we were able to go out with a young woman yesterday and had a wonderful lesson with a girl names L~.  She seemed to be interested in the Plan of Salvation and had already read the first few pages of the pamphlet that we had left with her when we made the first contact at a bus stop a few days earlier.

The other part that isn't going according to plan is that I am a bit under the weather, but with Sister P~'s many tricks to be healthy it shouldn't last very long.  I am loving my companion and we are still getting along super great.  We are also going to decorate a little for Christmas (Natal!) today!  I am super pumped.  :)

Well I love you all and want to wish you a Merry December!  This month will be full of miracles.  I can feel it already.

Com muito amor!
-Sister Phelps

Thanksgiving Dinner

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