July 7, 2014

Week 42 (2 June 2014)

Well, this week was a little slow, but in the end we had GREAT, FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR results. :)

Segunda- We went to contact the friend of a member today. Well, she isn´t really the member´s friend, but a classmate that she has talked to a few times. We did an activity with A~ (the member) where she said a silent prayer asking Heavenly Father to bring to her mind people who she knows who could hear the gospel. She put down Y~´s name. (the contact). We talked to Y~ and her mom (S~) and it was a great lesson. They were really sweet and offered to let us return the next day. 

Terca- The Lord truly knows each one of us. We found C~´s name in our Area Book the first week that we got to São Borja and have knocked on her door I don´t know how many times, but she was never home. Today we had other plans, but Sister L~ and I felt that we needed to go to her house. We knocked three times and finally someone opened the door. It was C~ and she was in desperate need of peace. Her daughter had gone to the hospital two hours earlier and was having serious problems. We taught about faith and repentance and the atonement. It was a great lesson and everyone was feeling the Spirit. Unfortunately she works a lot so it may be hard to teach her, but we are going to try. 

Quarta- I wasn´t feeling too well today so we didn´t get much done unfortunately, but it´s all good.

Quinta- Sister S~ (our Sister training leader) came and visited today. We taught one of our investigators who wants to be baptized but has some [concerns] and she wants to know that The Book of Mormon is true! It was a great lesson.

Sexta- SO this entire week we have been going to the V~ family´s house to teach R~, J~, and J~ (and A~ who is actually the Elder´s investigator). [They] were interviewed for their baptisms today and passed!! Wahoo!

Sabado!!- BAPTISMS! It was such a great day!! R~, J~, AND A~ were BAPTIZED!! It was so special because almost all of their family members are coming back to the church for a long time. Their grandma, who was the first member of their family to join the church passed away a while back and you could feel that she was there watching the baptism. Because of her all of the family now have their eyes focused on the temple and the youth want to serve missions. WAHOO!!! (Oh and there were 41 people at the baptismal service!)

Domingo- We missed the bus, had to call a taxi, she charged us way more than normal, but it was all good because we got to the chapel in time for the confirmations and the sacrament. After church we had a great big lunch (because that´s the big meal in Brazil instead of dinner) at the V~´s house. It was wonderful. There were tons of people there and we got to help cook a little. Man, I love that family. :)

Well, I love you. Thanks for everything fam!

Com muito amor,
Sister Phelps

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