July 7, 2014

Week 45 (23 June 2014)

Segunda- There is deaf woman in our ward named E~. She invited us over to her house to get to know her better and help her dad, who is  a member. We went over there and were able to learn libras (Portuguese sign language) pretty well. It is super funny because her dad is practically deaf too, but has never learned libras so we have to yell to talk to him. It was interesting when we left a thought with them.

Terca- There was another Brasil game today so we went to the chapel and watched "Mountains of the Lord." It is a really good film about the building of the Salt Lake temple. If you haven´t watched it yet, I would recommend it.

Quarta- Our lunch fell through today, but the Elders' investigators offered to make us lunch. We helped too, but it was so wonderful that they are so willing to help us last minute.

Quinta- There was a huge activity in the chapel today for our branch and almost everyone was there. It was a huge success and we were able to feel the unity of the branch growing as the members interacted together.

Sexta- We met an "elect" today. He is wonderful and was so ready for the gospel. We went to teach our investigator C~ and M~, his friend, was there. We began teaching about the plan of salvation and M~ had so many doubts and questions that we were able to answer that he got super excited to learn more. All of his family is super strong in another church so we won´t be able to teach him at his house, but we will continue to teach him at Charles' house.

Sabado- We left a message with a family in the ward who has been struggling and I was able to use example and quotes from [General] Conference that I had been studying to help them. It was wonderful to see how the spirit can bring things to our remembrance.

Domingo- F~ went to church today and was able to get a blessing to help. It was great to see her put her faith in action. 

Well I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Te amo,
Sister Phelps

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