July 7, 2014

Week 44 (16 June 2014)

Segunda- Normal p-day.

Terca- We are working with an investigator that we have been teaching since I got here. The only problem is that she feels as though she hasn´t received a clear answer that the Book of Mormon is true. We made tons of progress today because she realized that there are things she is still doing that maybe aren´t allowing her to feel an answer. We are praying a lot for her and know that she will receive an answer soon enough.

Quarta- We are helping our recent converts start family history and as we were talking to them, their mom began telling stories that they had never heard before about when they were little and when she was younger. It was cool to see how excited they got to hear about the past.

Quinta- THE WORLD CUP started today and it was Elder C~´s (21st) birthday and the equivelant to Valentine´s Day here. It was a busy day...

Sexta- There is a little boy named A~ whose dad we are [working with] and his mom isn´t baptized yet. We went to visit them and I tried to say goodbye and shake his hand and he refused to. He didn´t want us to leave and started crying. It was super cute. Aww.

Sabado- We are helping a family of less-active members. The boy in the family is active, but the mom and two sisters aren´t. The youngest sister just turned 12 and [is nervous] to go to Young Womens. It is a little weird, but she is shy and doesn´t want change. The young women´s group here is so wonderful that she will fall in love with all the girls when she starts going.

Domingo- SO, remember the boy who cried when we left, his dad has been inactive for a long time. He surprised us and came to church! It was a wonderful surprise and one that we weren´t expecting. We are going to start working more with him and his family.

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